When I am playing VLC, it is blinking. Impossible to watch.

What can be done?

Can't find disabling acceleration options, recommended in other answer.


click tools --> preferences ---> video

first try changing output to opengl before disabling acceleration.

  • Blinking nevertheless, although somehow differently – Dims Jun 27 '17 at 21:12

Changing video input(not output) to VA-API over DRM working for me

  • Precisely, in my case using VLC version 2.2.2; Click tools --> preferences ---> Input/Codecs --> Hardware accelerated decoding; Setting to either "VA-API Decode via X11" or "VA-API Decode via DRM" instead of "Automatic" fixed this for me. – Martin Bartlett Oct 17 '19 at 12:33

select video output to X11 works. for this Go to Tools -> preferences -> Video -> Output(Drop-down menu) select X11 video output. and it works


this worked August-2018

tools > preferences > input/codecs >

hardware-accelerated decoding -- change from automatic to Disable


I had a similar problem what fixed my problem was that i had the preload mkv's in the same directory option enabled in video/codec settings.

It would make it blink at first then crash vlc entirely. it had no problem preloading in a directory with 474gb worth of 500mb tv shows.

But on certain 12gb folder of mkv files that were a bit over 800mb it would crash.

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