I have a lenovo ThinkPad T410, running Xubuntu 16.04 up-to-date. there are 4 buttons for volume/sound control:
1. Mute speakers - It's working, but it has a red LED which should turn on when muted, but doesn't turn on.
2. Speakers volume down - working
3. Speakers volume up - working
4. Mute mic - indicator LED and the button both aren't working.

The problem is only in Xubuntu. I made a live USB of ubuntu 16.04 (not xubuntu), and from there, all those buttons are working.

P.S: The combination Fn + F3 on ubuntu opens a window to display battery status, as it should, but does nothing in xubuntu.
And Fn + F8 disables the trackpad on ubuntu, as it should, but its doing nothing in xubuntu.

How can I get these to work?

I have tried Kubuntu and budgie-remix too. The problem persists in Kubuntu too, but budgie-remix works.


Found out the solution myself:
For the mic mute button:
1. Open settings -> From "Hardware", select "Keyboard" -> "Application Shortcuts"
2. Click on "Add" 3. In Command, Type this: amixer set Capture toggleenter image description here
4. Click "OK" -> Press the mute button.
5. Done. Now when pressed, the mic will be mute-ed, and the indicator LED also turns on.

For the trackpad disabling:
Repeat the same steps, except, instead of amixer set Capture toggle as the command, use this guide to get the command: https://askubuntu.com/a/67724/511354, and of course, press the trackpad-disable combination instead of min-mute key

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