I am trying to install Ubuntu Linux from a USB to an old Dell Dimension PC using Windows XP and a Celeron D. Sorry I don't have the Dell model number. I get the error message: "kernel requires X86-64 CPU, but only detected i886 CPU - unable to boot please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU"

I entered the BIOS and tried to enable Intel visualization technology or AMD or Intel VT-x - whatever might look like it, but there is no option like this.

How can I fix this or get around this to install Linux?

I don't care if I lose the Windows XP OS, that's the point anyway.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Pete

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I suggest that you download an iso file with an i386 kernel (alias 32-bit version). For such an old computer it is necessary to use an i386 kernel. It is also a big advantage to select a community flavour of Ubuntu with a light desktop environment, lighter than standard Ubuntu,

  • Lubuntu with the ultra-light desktop environment LXDE
  • Ubuntu MATE with the medium-light desktop environment MATE
  • Xubuntu with the medium-light desktop environment XFCE

See these links,



How to select the version and flavour of Ubuntu

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