I have need of a Windows application (there is no Linux version). It works perfectly under Wine on the latest Ubuntu.

However, under some circumstances, one needs to open a text editor and edit certain text files from within this Windows application. It opens the Wine Notepad application, no problem at all.

However, I would much rather need to use Gedit (or another native and more powerful text editor).

How can I edit the command (currently "C:\windows\Notepad.exe") in the Windows application to invoke/run a native Linux application like Gedit?

start /unix /usr/bin/gedit does nor work, nor does start /unix "/usr/bin/gedit"

Thank you very much in advance.

(Running Wine 1.8.7 on Ubuntu 17.04)


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Ultimately, as you've likely found out, this is not possible (without some serious hackery). Wine applications are run in a sort of sandbox, and it wouldn't be possible to do that(otherwise)

The solution is don't do that - Whatever application you're running via wine, there is very likely a good Linux-native alternative to it.

There might be some learning curve to learning the alternative application, but in the end, it is usually just as rewarding as using gedit instead of notepad.

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