I have installed the NDIS drivers needed successfully and got connected too using wvdial and Ubuntu's network manager, the device is detected every time whenever plugged in.

The problem i faced is i can't make a call or receive a call, for doing so i need a mobile partner that i can see in driver installation directory, i am not able to start it. how to register the autorun settings into the current system? i am stuck here help me out. at the end, i am not able to run mobile partner or can't see any GUI running for it !? guide me to get it working!

Kindly note i am using Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (Xenial Xerus) and the device Huawei E303C is detected and recognized by the system and i am able to connect to the internet but I want to make a call using Mobile Partner, USSD checks and other functions i can't use.

Thanks again.

their are other file called runhwactivator, HWActivator, skeleton, Uninstall, HWActivator, startmobilepartner & readme file for linux installation.

what i did next is, have a look at snapshots attached

readme file and terminal output terminal output for other execution

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I use a huawei K3772 modem and this is how i was able to make a USSD to check balance and also make a call in ubuntu.modem-manager-gui and mmcli didnt work for my modem

I use AT commands.It is usually a foolproof method to check ussd, send and retrieve sms and also make calls.

Checking USSD

ALT1----using modem-manager-gui:

sudo apt install modem-manager-gui

ALT1 does not work for some modems

ALT2----Using AT commands (works for all modems)

To send AT commands in linux i prefer picocom (others are putty, minicom, screen):

sudo apt install picocom

insert your dongle into pc and should be detected by Network manager applet

Find out the various ports of the modem:

ls /dev/ttyU*

usually the dialogue port is /dev/ttyUSB0. We would "talk" to the modem on this port

start picocom on that port:

sudo picocom -c /dev/ttyUSB0

the -c means local echo on, so that you can see the AT commands as you type

check USSD with:


This should give you a reply such as "Your balance is ..."

Tip:- Some modems do not give this human readable reply but instead give something like "0933737ADRE35338..." which is hex

To fix such a problem your modems char set has to be set to GSM

check the current character set mode:


check available modes:


To use plain-text USSD, modem must be in GSM


Now check ussd:


for subsequent replies where you have to give a reply to the network for instance after checking ussd you get a reply like 1.Top up 2.check wallet

to choose Top up do:


To quit the session do: ctrl+a followed by ctrl+x

To make a voice call on huawei modem on ubuntu linux go here Huawei make voice call on linux

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