I have installed Ubuntu to a separate partition, with the GRUB bootloader on that partition.

I am now wondering how to add the GRUB bootloader to msconfig in windows 7 so it will ask me to boot to Ubuntu or win 7, upon booting my windows 7 bootloader. I would add it to the boot.ini except that windows 7 doesn't have it, everything is managed through msconfig.exe


I figured it out, I had install Ubuntu on a separate partition, then use Easy BCD to add an entry to the windows boot loader, that points to Ubuntu's GRUB boot loader on the other partition.

  • What does Easy BCD do in terms of commands? I don't want to pay $35 USD for a product I know little about.(I do use my computer for commercial purposes) – jamie Feb 4 '18 at 5:10

Install from within Windows. Wubi and the Live iso in a folder. Run wubi and boot live. Do install. Entry is added to Windows database of boot options. From within Windows (as admin) use command prompt and bcdedit /? Bcdedit /enum to list entries

  • Wubi is creating a file inside your windows instead of a seperate partition. Thats not really what he wants. He has already installed ubuntu ;) – Snicksie Jan 17 '12 at 8:32

In msconfig You have to change the time of other systems displaying at boot time. When You turn on computer does it show GRUB or just goes to Win7 instantly?

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