My issue was that even after I downloaded slack, and I did:

cd ~/Downloads
dpkg -i slack-desktop-2.6.3-amd64.deb

I got errors about missing libappindicator1.

So I do the next logical thing right?

sudo apt-get install libappindicator1, this too resulted in an error. Oh well, jeez I though, I know this is beta, but really? I can't even install it with one command?

How to resolve this? Read my one line answer below.


Here's the complete solution:

  1. cd ~/Downloads
  2. wget https://downloads.slack-edge.com/linux_releases/slack-desktop-2.6.3-amd64.deb
  3. sudo dpkg -i ./slack-desktop-2.6.3-amd64.deb

Once you receive some errors: Try to run:

`sudo apt-get -f install` 

to fix your problem.

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You now can install Slack with "one command" :). It's now in the snap store which means you can install it with:-

snap install slack --classic

Alternatively you'll find it in the Ubuntu Software application, just search for Slack and click 'Install'.

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Here is a simple way through which you can install slack on Ubuntu. Just run these commands on terminal

Step 1 : Type the following wget command to download the package:


Step 2 : Now install Slack by running the following command :

sudo apt install ./slack-desktop-*.deb

Hope this helps you!

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