Im a Linux newbie. I have Ubuntu 16.04.

I had pycharm installed and path added to the Ubuntu, but suddenly it is disappeared and it looks like it never existed!!

Now I am trying to install it again, I look at sudo dpkg --list and I cannot see that.

So I assume it is not on my system. However, when I install it as it mentioned in on the pycharm website by tar -xzf pycharm-2017.1.4.tar.gz and then run the sh file in the bin folder, it still has some issues. MEaning that when i run pycharm.sh it runs, but after closing pycharm it disappear again and if I wanna use it again I should go to pycharm/bin/ and run pycharm.sh.

I should mention that I have all the JDK and Java requirement installed correctly before.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here, or can you tell me how I can remove all the dependency and path and possible things related to pycharm and reinstall it again?

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Launch PyCharm, go to Tools, then click "Create a Desktop Entry". It will now be accessible from the dash.

What you are executing is not an installer, it's just the executable to start the program. The core software makes its Desktop launcher if you tell it to but not otherwise.

  • It was tools> "create a desktop entry..." Thanks
    – Alex
    Jun 16, 2017 at 2:21

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