I have windows 7 SP1 installed on my machine that uses guid gpt partition instead of the old MBR. When I try dual booting ubuntu with it, Ubuntu doesn't recognize the operating system - basically it sees all of my hdd space as unallocated.

How can I dual boot ubuntu with windows 7 keeping the guid gpt partition ?

  • It sounds like you have a corrupt partition table. Please edit your question to show the output of sudo fdisk -lu and sudo parted print – psusi Jan 4 '12 at 1:55

I would install Ubuntu to a gpt partition, as well. That is, in fact, what I do, but I do not run Windows on my PC, so I cannot give you a specific how-to-do-it answer.

You can find tons of valuable info at this web site, though:


Another great resource is the Parted Magic LiveCD, which includes the gdisk gpt partitioning program.

Good luck!

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