I have open-connect VPN and would like to always have a connection, even before I login with my own account.

I have Ubuntu 16.04.2, network-manager-openconnect-gnome.

If I run the command line nmcli con up id <VPN connection name> it will work, however it asks for username in a pop-up window, even it remember my username in visible text; then it asks for password, even it remembers it too (with the bullets), so I cannot use the nmcli directly to accomplish what I want.

Of course I still don't know how to make it totally headless (I mean run this before I login to Ubuntu), but that's next question after I can create something to connect the openconnect VPN without asking me the username and password.

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Alright, after try and error I don't find a direct solution, but there is a workaround to use expect to achieve this.

Basically I write an expect script to send the Username and Password to the nmcli. Specifically that is

  1. sudo apt-get install expect, this will install the expect package
  2. create a file, call it connectvpn.sh

    #!/usr/bin/expect -f
    spawn nmcli -a con up id <VPN ID>
    expect "Username:"
    send "<username>\r"
    expect "Password:"
    send "<password>\r"
    expect "$ "
  3. chmod a+x connectvpn.sh

  4. now run it and it will work

Of course disadvantage is the username ans password will be saved in plain text in the script, but this is the best solution I can find.

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