Every time I run my system (Ubuntu 16.04/16.10/17.04 with GNOME installed) icons on the desktop are under top bar and when I open any window they come back to their position before turning system off. I reinstalled system many times and on many computers and it didn't help. I recorded and uploaded it on YouTube - link below.

VIDEO - YouTube

  • Please give us screen shot of the issue. – George Udosen Jun 11 '17 at 13:56
  • Your icons are too close to the top panel. Move them lower, and they should stick. – heynnema Jun 11 '17 at 14:11
  • I can't give u the screenshot because the icons are moving... All is in the video in link above. I moved icons lower and after reboot they are lower too, but after opening any program/window they move more lower like in the video :/ – Filip Sówka Jun 11 '17 at 14:58
  • Same problem here, with Debian 9.5 and Gnome 3.22.2 – Susensio Jul 26 '18 at 18:01

I had the same problem after reinstalling my OS (Debian 9, Gnome 3.22.2). What solved it, was to play around with Gnome Tweak (Tool). As I did not do this with "scientific rigor", I can only guess it was switching off and on the option to have icons displayed on the desktop or activating hibernation when the lid of my laptop is closed, which automatically set a program to load on start up and thus might only make it look like the problem is solved.

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  • can you edit and add a little bit of detail , i dont apparently find a solution in what you wrote – sassy.geek Oct 5 '18 at 2:15

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