I just did a fresh install of Xubuntu 16.04 on my Lenovo X240. I got several problems just for doing that :

first one, I was unable to boot without nomodeset checked.

second one, I try first to just install xubuntu, for whatever reason grub intended to be installed on /dev/mmcblk0 but it failed, I was unable to close the popup warning me that grub failed... I was able to select another device/partition where to install grub, but I was not able to click on continue/proceed (I don't remember the word on the button)

then I booted xubuntu and try an installation trough the live usb. Same problem than above... I rebooted and then this time I specified, during the partitionning, where grub should be installed.

at least this time xubuntu was installed!

during the use of the live usb, I did not noticed any lag. But when I booted the fresh install... dudes, the wallpaper appears slowly from top to bottom, same when I click on the system-menu, the mouse moves slowly when it is over a window, or over the menu, etc.

I installed the intel drivers and I did run update. But still the same problem.

There is anything I can do to solve this before I install another linux distro ?

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Ok I solved it :

  • I deleted the line : GRUB_CMD_LINE_LINUX="nomodeset" from /etc/default/grub : sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  • then I did a grub update : sudo update-grub

note : strange how nomodeset was so critical...

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