I am using a script to manage stuff on external dives. At the end I want to give the user the option to leave or dismount the drives. I'd like to add a timeout and use the second option (do nothing) if the user has not responded.

I am fairly new to Linux and the References I have found so far are way too cryptic for my current level of linux-ness. It seems the Reference writers assume everyone is already fluent in Linux. :)

How do I add a timeout to this or a better way of doing this with a timeout and default action?

note: "myDrives" is my own program to handle the closing of files etc and dismount

echo "Do you want to un-Mount the External Drives?"
echo ""
select yn in "yes" "no"; do
  case $yn in
    yes ) sudo myDrives --unmount; 
    no ) break;;
kill -9 $PPID

Here's one way to do it, using the -t timeout option of the bash read builtin:


while :
  read -t10 -p "Do you want to un-Mount the External Drives? (Y/N): "
  if [ $? -gt 128 ]; then
    echo "timed out waiting for user response"

  case $REPLY in
    echo "do it"
    echo "don't do it"
  *) echo "Please enter Y or N"

See help read from the bash prompt, or man bash.

  • Thanks, this is more simple for me to understand at my current level of Linux. But then I like simple anyway, always easier to read and understand some months later. – LinuxFerLife Jun 8 '17 at 17:59

Here's another way to do it:


printf "%s\n" "Do you want to un-Mount the External Drives?" 
timeout --foreground 10 bash -c '
    select sel in "yes" "no"
        echo "$REPLY"
    done' | while read -r answer; do
        echo ">>Got from user: $answer"
        case "$answer" in
            "yes") echo "Unmounting stuff" ;;

Key points to note:

  • timeout requires an actual process, not shell command. Here we spawn bash shell as separate process and let it do the job of driving select.
  • printf is used outside of timeout to avoid sending its text via pipe
  • while read -r answer; do . . .done will operate if and only if it received something via pipe. Thus if the previous bash process timed-out , it won't run - there's your default action of not doing anything.
  • if the while loop received something via pipe, it will check whether it's the yes answer, otherwise - it will do nothing
  • Thanks, but I prefer the option SteelDriver gave. I do appreciate you taking the time to also describe what is happening. – LinuxFerLife Jun 8 '17 at 18:01

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