Same as in Ubuntu 15.10 - Nautilus Cannot Add Bookmarks.

Cannot add a bookmark, just edit. It is not fixed ...

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1- Using the nautilus file manager you can only bookmark the following directories:

  • Local directories
  • Directories on connected external drives
  • Networks drives via SMB

2- Open Nautilus and navigate to the file you want to bookmark

3- Press cntrl + D

4- Check the lower left panel to see if the folder has been bookmarked

5- You can also reorganize the given bookmarks order by typing cntrl + B

If this method does not work try:

1- Go to the following path: ~/.config/gtk-3.0 (relative) or /home/$USER/.config/gtk-3.0 (absolute path) and open the file bookmarks

2- Add there the path to any folder you want to have bookmarked (use the absolute path)

3- Save the changes and exit the document

4- Check Nautilus' bookmarks section


To add a bookmark you must be inside the location you want to bookmark. Just clicking on the locations icon won't do.

Once you are inside the directory you want to bookmark press ctrl+D

Also note that the newly added bookmarks will appear below the drive list

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