I am running these commands in perl script with purpose

  1. Open a linux terminal
  2. Run script xbrecoverBoard.sh and rest_board.sh in that terminal
gnome-terminal -x sh -c "./xbrecoverBoard.sh && ./rest_board.sh";
gnome-terminal -x sh -c "./xbrecoverBoard.sh;./rest_board.sh";

For some reason a terminal opens and closes very quick that seems not doing anything although it doesn't give any error in the main terminal that I run perl script. Please help me to resolve the issue and show me how to hold that open terminal from command line.


For simplicity sake, try:


If it crashes, try:

./xbrecoverBoard.sh &

This could be something as simple as a bogus line of code in the perl script.


To keep the terminal open, hand it over to an interactive shell after you have run your commands:

gnome-terminal -x sh -c "./xbrecoverBoard.sh;./rest_board.sh; exec bash";

Here, I used Bash shell as an example. Now, the terminal won't close since the Shell is using it.

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