I have a default Ubuntu 16.04.02 desktop installation.

Only additional installed software are openssh-server and Tigervnc

RealVNC viewer works fine from a windows machine, with the Unity desktop appearing on login.

PROBLEM: I installed Intel Graphics drivers 2.02 on the machine using Intel Graphics Update Tool and restarted.

Now, when I login to the machine from Windows via RealVNC, the Unity desktop does not appear. I get the wallpaper and the rightclick menu works to open a terminal, but no launcher, panel etc...

This article helped somewhat but is geared to 14.04 and does not launch the up-to-date unity desktop on the client: How to make VNC Server work with ubuntu-desktop without xfce

I, too, do not want to use xfce4.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Found this link which seems to work ok when I upgraded to 17.04. Some problems (noted in link). Also several options missing from desktop (e.g. certain settings)


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