The Problem

I run Ubuntu 16.04. The latest Phatch version for 16.04 ( stops loading at the splash screen. I have read that version for 16.10 works fine and should work on 16.04.

The Question

How can I install on 16.04?

What I've Tried

  • I've checked Ubuntu Software for other versions but apparently only the latest version of software per Ubuntu version is available.

  • sudo apt-get install phatch (installs

  • sudo apt-get install phatch= (says it's not found)

I tried applying the 16.04 patch as recommended but terminal just paused and seemingly did nothing until I killed it.

sudo patch /usr/share/phatch/phatch/lib/pyWx/wxPil.py < phatch.diff

If it's not possible to install the 16.10 version on 16.04 I will spend an hour and refresh myself on the ways to do stuff (apply it) manually.

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Patching works. I did it as explained in ubuntuusers.de wiki, that is:

  1. Save the patch file phatch.diff to your Downloads folder.

  2. In a terminal:
    sudo patch -b /usr/share/phatch/phatch/lib/pyWx/wxPil.py < ~/Downloads/phatch.diff

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