I have laptop with Bluetooth and Bluetooth headphones.
Sound control with Fn+SoundUp/Down(I get notification in GUI and volume level changes).
Also headphones working well.
But some times I got such strange behavior(error) with head set: I press FN+Volume Up/Down/Mute/Mic mute i get only mate-notification and no sound changes.
enter image description here

If i turnoff headset same key can control laptop speakers and 3.5mm jack headphones with Fn keys.

How can i fix volume control with hotkeys?

I found a workaround.
If i open sound settings from tray and in tab Output switch output to integrated audio and then back to Bluetooth Headphones I'm able to control audio with Fn-keys.
So is it a bug? That i need to report to ubuntu or wrong configuration on my side?


  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Mate
  • Dell Latitude 5480
  • Headphones Philips SHB7250
  • pulseaudio
  • Pavucontrol

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