I would like to use a small linux system to do ID-insertions for a small internet-fed radio station. The program allows for 20 seconds of just a musical "bed" around the top of each hour. But it is complicated because there are three kinds of hour-wheel formats.

For it to work it would need to be able to trigger a playback sound at very specific times, like at 20 seconds past the top of the hour for certain hours, 20 seconds before the hour on other hours, and right at the top of the hour for yet other hours.

I know I can write a Python program to do this, and it might be advantageous to just do it myself.

But I wonder if some kind of a scheduler program like this might already exist?

--EDIT - OK, I see the beginnings of an answer in the comments. Turns out that @muru pointed me to mcron which is precisely what I was looking for. Thanks!



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