I want to limit the internet bandwidth to avoid causing a bad ping for other users in the same network.

I used to use wondershaper but it doesn't seem work on Ubuntu 17.04 (kernel 4.10, 64bit):

sudo wondershaper enp2s0 2000 200

RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument
We have an error talking to the kernel

I tried trickle, but it didn't work (unchanged bandwidth and only single application). I read that maybe tc could help me, but I failed at finding a way to get it to work.

Any ideas / solutions for my problem?


How I can limit Download/Upload bandwidth? and How do I limit internet bandwidth? don't help, cause wondershaper sadly doesn't seem to work on 17.04, trickle didn't really work too and doesn't really fit my needs, and tc isn't explained in those answers.


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Try this : https://github.com/chozabu/LinNetLim, it's an alternative to netlimiter in windows os.


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