I formated my PC and I'm trying to upload a new version on my app to my PPA. But I'm stuck with the next issue...

As you can see, I have my GPG key, I uploaded and confirmed in Launchpad:

costales@dev:~/Desktop/anoise-0.0.26$ gpg --fingerprint
costales@dev:~/Desktop/anoise-0.0.26$ gpg2 --fingerprint
pub   rsa2048/A0E929E6 2017-06-01 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = 41B4 81ED D84B AAC8 43E1  E72E 34DF 00C2 A0E9 29E6
uid         [ultimate] costales <costales.marcos@gmail.com>
sub   rsa2048/959B785C 2017-06-01 [E]


I create the sources (system didn't ask for my private GPG password):

costales@dev:~/Desktop/anoise-0.0.26$ dpkg-buildpackage -S -sa -rfakerootdpkg-buildpackage: source package anoise
dpkg-buildpackage: source version 0.0.26
dpkg-buildpackage: source distribution trusty
dpkg-buildpackage: source changed by costales <costales.marcos@gmail.com>
 dpkg-source --before-build anoise-0.0.26
 fakeroot debian/rules clean
dh clean 
pyversions: missing X(S)-Python-Version in control file, fall back to debian/pyversions
pyversions: missing debian/pyversions file, fall back to supported versions
    python setup.py clean -a
running clean
'build/lib.linux-i686-2.7' does not exist -- can't clean it
'build/bdist.linux-i686' does not exist -- can't clean it
'build/scripts-2.7' does not exist -- can't clean it
WARNING: the following files are not recognized by DistUtilsExtra.auto:
    find . -name \*.pyc -exec rm {} \+
 dpkg-source -b anoise-0.0.26
dpkg-source: warning: no source format specified in debian/source/format, see dpkg-source(1)
dpkg-source: info: using source format '1.0'
dpkg-source: info: building anoise in anoise_0.0.26.tar.gz
dpkg-source: info: building anoise in anoise_0.0.26.dsc
 dpkg-genchanges -S -sa >../anoise_0.0.26_source.changes
dpkg-genchanges: including full source code in upload
 dpkg-source --after-build anoise-0.0.26
dpkg-buildpackage: source-only upload: Debian-native package
 signfile anoise_0.0.26.dsc

 signfile anoise_0.0.26_source.changes

But I can't upload to my PPA:

costales@dev:~/Desktop/anoise-0.0.26$ dput ppa:costales/anoise ../anoise_0.0.26_source.changes 
Checking signature on .changes
gpg: Signature made jue 01 jun 2017 22:14:13 CEST using RSA key ID A0E929E6
gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found
Error verifying signature on ../anoise_0.0.26_source.changes.

Any idea? Thanks in advance!


anoise_0.0.26_source.changes: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24741506/

dput --debug ppa:costales/anoise: https://paste.ubuntu.com/24741500/

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    Could you please include the content of anoise_0.0.26_source.changes and the output of dput --debug ppa:costales/anoise in your quest? That may uncover more info on what's happening here. You can also try to skip the signature check with --unchecked. – David Foerster Jun 1 '17 at 21:29
  • @DavidFoerster Added paste.ubuntu.com/24741500 paste.ubuntu.com/24741506 Thanks in advance! – Costales Jun 1 '17 at 22:03
  • Could you please run dput --debug ppa:costales/anoise in the same working directory as in your question? Obviously the upload will fail if dput can't find a changes file. :-) – David Foerster Jun 1 '17 at 22:09
  • @DavidFoerster Sure :) paste.ubuntu.com/24748968 – Costales Jun 2 '17 at 14:43
  • @DavidFoerster The --unchecked flash on dput uploaded the package to the PPA. Thanks a lot mate! Could you reply as formal comment for my +1 :) A big hug! – Costales Jun 2 '17 at 15:20

For whatever reason GnuPG doesn't find your own public key in your key ring when it tries to verify the signature on the changes file. I tried to run the verification myself successfully, so it's no malformed changes file or something like that.

As a workaround you can run dput with the --unchecked flag to skip the signature verification.

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