I'm trying to play the song referenced at A Prairie Home Companion: May 6, 2006 - Moonlight on the Colorado River lyrics. For some of my friends, the "listen" link there plays just the song whose lyrics are listed. But when I click on it (via Chrome on a Maverick system with Totem as my player), I hear the entire 2-hour program. The listen link redirects to a SMIL file which references "rtsp://mprrm.publicradio.org/5559/phc/2006/05/06_phc.rm?start=00:00:04:10.0&end=00:00:07:08.0", which specifies a start time of 04:10 and an end time of 07:08. But it seems that totem is ignoring the start and end times.

Are there open source music players in the Ubuntu repos that properly handle this link?

I'm guessing based on the How can I play .smil videos? - Ask Ubuntu - Stack Exchange that Ambulant might handle it, but I guess that isn't yet in the repos? And RealPlayer presumably works, but as pointed out at (RealPlayerInstallationMethods - Community Ubuntu Documentation), it isn't open source.


For Totem, the relevant upstream bug seems to be Bug 424708 – Add support for starttime, which is present in launchpad as Bug #605370 “.smi files are not played correctly” as @student pointed out.

For some insights on the relevant playlist format and editing see also Video playlists with start and end times - Unix and Linux

I'm still looking for some way to play these videos as intended.


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