I'm wondering if there's a command I can install to play an audio file from the terminal, or if I can do it with Python or a different code? I just want to type a command, have it play a sound until the sound is finished, then return to the prompt. I don't want a GUI.


Yes you can do it with many commandline tools like mpg123, aplay , cvlc and mplayer:

But I suggest play:

For install it:

sudo apt install sox

And for playing special formats like mp3 you must install its libraries:

sudo apt install libsox-fmt-mp3

And for use it:

play music.mp3

If you want to use it with full libraries, you must install libsox-fmt-all package:

sudo apt install libsox-fmt-all
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    ty very much :) That's exactly what I wanted – cheesits456 May 30 '17 at 23:39

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