I have read this article from here .It says that other Ubuntu flavors of LTS get only 3 years of support. Is this true?

This question is not a duplicate of the linked post as I want to know support time for only other Ubuntu flavors.


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Run command


source https://www.ubuntu.com/info/release-end-of-life

I am using Ubuntu mate too, and in my system there are 75% packages are supported until 5 years. this is screenshot of my Ubuntu mate 16.04 LTS enter image description here

now running the command you can see that packages related to desktop environment are supported for 3 years and those system related are supported for 5 years.

now in this screenshot you can see that these packages are supported for 3 years and they are mostly related to mate desktop environment like caja,mate panel,mate-desktop-environment-core..etc enter image description here

As Ubuntu flavors are based on some other desktop environment like lubuntu is based on LXDE,these desktop environments are not in control of canonical which had made Ubuntu.but unity which is default desktop environment of the Ubuntu is made by canonical and thus they are in full control of the unity desktop environment,thus they provide 5 years of support to maximum packages.

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You may still get updates for a lot of other packages installed in your Ubuntu, because they are part of official repositories.

Just run:

$ ubuntu-support-status

to get a list of all packages and their support status:

You have 12 packages (0.6%) supported until May 2022 (5y)
You have 1393 packages (71.5%) supported until April 2021 (5y)
You have 327 packages (16.8%) supported until April 2019 (3y)

I'm running "xenial", however as you see I've got some packages with 3 years support too.

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