The Steam controller is running fine in Steam app's big picture mode, but when I load a game and try to use the controller, there's no response to in-game activity. I can use it, however, to open and navigate through the Steam menu by pressing the Steam button. (I already tried this solution, to no avail: How do I get a Steam Controller working?)

How can I get the controller to work in games?

Running: Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 x64 GNOME 3.24.1 Linux kernel 4.10.0-21-generic Steam beta client (built May 26, 2017)

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Your issue may be resolved, but I have the exact same issue. After many research, I found in this thread (How do I get a Steam Controller working?) that you must have access to /dev/uinput. I just executed sudo chmod 666 /dev/uinput before launching the game and the Steam Controller worked wonderfully in game!

Hope this helps!

  • This worked for me. Thanks a tone. I don't even have a Steam Controller. I have a Logitech Rumble Pad 2. And I'm on Linux Mint 19. I did install steam-devices, but from what I could tell it made no difference. Oct 12, 2018 at 6:08

The quick answer:

sudo apt install steam-devices

The Long answer:

I haven't used the steam controller for half a year, and i just tried to see if it was working with Ubuntu 17.10 and

"No Controller Detected" as well as no "add Steam Controller" Option in BPMode.

All while 2 things were noticeable: 1/ it worked while plugged in (although still undetected!) 2/ In wireless mode it is totally unresponsive, except that it lights on and off when restarting the computer

So I knew the controller and dongle were basically functional.

This command should make it work:

sudo apt install steam-devices

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