I have found a few forums on here with this similar issue but I'm not understanding what is causing this error to surface and how to determine that along with the proper fix to resolve the issue. I'm trying to keep from typing fixes into my terminal until I understand what is going on.

Would someone be so kind to explain to me why I'm getting this error. What sort of program is this that is running? Why is the watchdog not getting rest and most importantly what is the fix to resolve this?

I have not done a hard reset yet. I remember last time I got this I did a hard reset and was able to boot into linux just fine. However, I remember everytime I did a shutdown the system would start this program and I would keep seeing the same error. I would like to understand what is going on this time around and how I can properly fix this before doing anything. The screenshot of my error is attached below.

enter image description here

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