I just installed ubuntu gnome 17.04. I'm trying to install this theme:


It says just extract the theme into the .themes folder and use the tweak tool to select the gtk and shell themes.

So here's what I have:

ole@mkIV:~$ pwd
ole@mkIV:~$ ls .themes

I then reboot and attempt to find the new themes. However they do not show up even though I have User Themes turned on under extensions.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Create a folder, called .themes in your home directory. This can be simply created by firing up your terminal, and then running

mkdir .themes

Now this is a hidden directory, to view this in Nautilus, you can press Ctrl/⌘ + H. Alternatively,you can place the extracted files in /home/accountname/.themes/(Gnome-OSX-II-2-6); you can also place the extracted files in your /usr/share/themes/ folder.

I had try install the theme,unzip the file,and place the files in .themes/

Logout and Login your system,open gnome-tweak-tool change GTK+.


  • I got it somewhat working. The top bar and the dialogs have changed but I don't get the same look that the author of the theme has in the screenshot - also the folder color in Nautilus is yellow, instead of blue as the author has in the screenshot. I have GTK+ set to Gnome-II-2-6 and Shell Theme set to Gnome-OSX-Dark-Shell – Ole May 28 '17 at 17:47
  • I installed other widget to change the folder color. like:Numix-folder.default color is yellow – turingmcc May 29 '17 at 0:35

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