I've been trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my new Acer E15 laptop. I followed the instructions as to downloading the iso and using rufus, using the prescribed settings. I finally managed to get the computer to boot from my flash drive, and go through the installer, wiping everything else. However, at the end, it will ask me to restart the computer to use the installed software, but after I restart (and I remove the thumb drive when I am told), all I get is a "no bootable device" menu. What should I do? I've tried this twice now, with iso's each individually downloaded. What to do now?

As per @psusi:

Model: ATA ST10000LM035-1RK1 (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 10000GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B

Partition Table: gpt

Disk Flags:

 Number Start  End    Size  File system Name                 Flags
 1      1049kB 538MB  537MB fat32       EFI System Partition boot, esp
 2      538MB  1050MB 512MB ext2 
 3      1050MB 1000GB 999GB

 Model: General USB Flash Disk (scsi)
 Disk /dev/sdb: 8023MB 
 Sector size (Logical/physical): 512B/512B
 Partition Table: msdos
 Disk Flags:

 Number  Start  End    Size   Type     File system    Flags
 1       1049kB 8023MB 8022MB primary  fat32          boot, lba

I've tried installing this 3 times, and now I don't have any way to use my laptop. Any advice?

  • Boot the livecd and open a terminal and run sudo parted -l and add that output to your question. – psusi May 28 '17 at 2:05
  • I just started putting 14.04 on the flash drive (and I only have one flash drive of good enough size, the others are ~256 megs) so it may be a while, bit I will try that, and post when I can! – Eliza Brandt May 28 '17 at 2:11
  • Added "sudo parted -l". I'm going to try another go-around, just in case, @psusi – Eliza Brandt May 28 '17 at 2:30
  • Tried installing again, going to bed, going to try again in morning. – Eliza Brandt May 28 '17 at 2:59
  • Thinking about things, there may have been an issue in boot order. I will be trying this again. – Eliza Brandt May 28 '17 at 3:02

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