Some program always asks for my login password. I do not know what causes this. How can I stop it?

Unlock Login Keyring prompt


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I presume that you must have turned on the "Auto-login" option on, when you turn it on, to unlock the login-key-ring (the place where your passwords are stored for chrome and other applications), you need to enter the password that you have setup for your account. I always get prompted with this when I am trying to open Chrome for the first time after booting up Ubuntu-Gnome. It asked me to set up the password for this key ring but I believe that it won't ask for Ubuntu Unity and it's the default password that you used to log-in in to your account.

I wouldn't recommend disabling this feature because it will unlock your key-ring without the password. However, here is how to turn it off.

  • "the password that you have setup for your account"... what account? Apr 23, 2020 at 3:16
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    -1, because the question was "how", not "why not". Not that it mattered for a duplicate, but just trying to save a a bit of time for future readers.
    – Klesun
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  • @Klesun Being a future reader, I found the answer very helpful. If someone want to commit a suicide and asks for the best method on some stack exchange site and some one starts to explain why he shouldn't do it, you gonna down vote his/her answer, too? ;) Apr 23 at 10:06

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