I am using i3 window manager. And have a problem with appearing of Ubuntu Desktop window when I open, for example, downloaded files in Firefox (Annoying window is on the right). Actually, the problem is not with appearing of that window but with closing it. I am simply not able to do it. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Q but nothing happens. What Should I do?enter image description here

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That annoying window on the side is usually due to the starting of nautilus. If you use nautilus --no-desktop to open it then there will be no such destop window.

In case that window opens up then use pkill nautilus.

  • You can also use <code>xkill</code> to directly remove the window by clicking it on it Aug 4, 2017 at 7:15

My understanding is that the following will substitute/alias nautilus --no-desktop for nautilus. This is highly desirable as many mouse-driven applications like zotero will launch the default file manager (nautilus), leaving no opportunity for you to type nautilus --no-desktop at a terminal prompt.

Create an alias in your .bashrc file. In my Ubuntu 16.04 installation, that file is /home/myUsername/.bashrc. The alias is created by adding the following line to the end of that file:

alias nautilus='nautilus --no-desktop'

I just got this to work and have only tested it once.


If you use another file manager such as thunar already, you can uninstall nautilus so that Firefox is forced to use the next sensible default instead:

sudo apt remove nautilus

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