I am no longer able to write on the data partition files in Ubuntu, due to a "read-only" message appearing.

I have 3 partitions: one has Ubuntu installed (1), one is for Win10 (2) (dual boot) and the 3rd (3) is for data storage.
Today I updated Win10 and I am no longer able to access the data storage (3) partition from Ubuntu. Usually this error appears when I access Ubuntu while Win10 is not shut down but hibernated. Instead this time the error appears even if Win10 is shut down!
I don't get what's going on. Any clue?


The Windows 10 update reseted it to the default fast startup which is a form of hibernation.

You need to disable this feature (again, probably) in Windows and then shutdown, not reboot. Once done properly you'll be able to access the data partition normally with read/write permissions.

The location of Fast Boot option in windows10

  • I have changed that option from windows and now it works, thanks. – danieleg91 May 22 '17 at 10:20
  • 1
    This happened to me in the last month. It's really very sucky that Windows changes the setting back. It cost me quite a bit of time. – TooTone Apr 12 '18 at 9:09
  • I've had that setting off and it was still returning a Read Only message. The solution is the same as above, boot into Windows and perform a normal shutdown. – Francis Aug 11 '18 at 4:38

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