I downloaded some files from the web but I can't figure out how to access them...

I'm going to have to go without Internet service for a week since other bills require my attention more. I was really bummed, Steam lacks a lot of free Linux games, but then I thought of Gamejolt! I went to the sight, found a few games and thought "What the heck? I might as well give 'em a try for a week."

I download two games and both came in .zip files, the second being a ".zip.part" file-whatever that means.

I can't open them in archive manager and I can't run them as a Wine application either. I looked for an answer to unzip .zip files and I haven't found a helpful answer, nor a recent one. Some people said to install the unzip command, I attempt to do so and something goes wrong. I try the unzip command, thinking that maybe I already had it, and something goes wrong. How do I unzip these games? I have maybe a day left before it gets turned off and I'm growing concerned.

When I try to install unzip, I get this:

*E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)*

*E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?*

When I try to unzip the program, I get this:

*unzip:  cannot find or open renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip.part, renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip.part.zip or renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip.part.ZIP.*

When I try to unzip the program without the ".part" piece, I get this:

*unzip:  cannot find or open renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip, renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip.zip or renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip.ZIP.*

Please help me, the answer may be obvious but I really am new to the command line thing...


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The first issue on installing unzip is because of insufficient permissions. Chances are that you might have tried to install unzip with apt-get install unzip. This is not enough. You need to install unzip by:

sudo apt-get install unzip

Chances are that unzip already exists in your system. It would be the most common scenario. You can verify the install by the command

which unzip

For your second issue, you are seeing a .zip.part extension because the the zip file was not completely downloaded. You can either try to download it again from the same source or choose a different source.


You don't have to install anything - you can just use Python. This is from zipfile — Work with ZIP archives — Python 3.7.2 documentation

Command-Line Interface

The zipfile module provides a simple command-line interface to interact with ZIP archives.

If you want to create a new ZIP archive, specify its name after the -c option and then list the filename(s) that should be included:

$ python -m zipfile -c monty.zip spam.txt eggs.txt 

Passing a directory is also acceptable:

$ python -m zipfile -c monty.zip life-of-brian_1979/ 

If you want to extract a ZIP archive into the specified directory, use the -e option:

$ python -m zipfile -e monty.zip target-dir/ 

For a list of the files in a ZIP archive, use the -l option:

$ python -m zipfile -l monty.zip 

Command-line options

-l <zipfile>
--list <zipfile>
   List files in a zipfile.

-c <zipfile> <source1> ... <sourceN>
--create <zipfile> <source1> ... <sourceN>
  Create zipfile from source files.

-e <zipfile> <output_dir>
--extract <zipfile> <output_dir>
  Extract zipfile into target directory.

-t <zipfile>
--test <zipfile>
  Test whether the zipfile is valid or not.

So your command would be

$ python -m zipfile -e renryuu-ascension-17.05.15-linux-version.zip 

Try the -t option for testing as well.

However, in your specific case, .part means that the file didn't finish downloading or it is currently downloading.

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