I wanted to run a bunch of mkdir commands to create folders:

mkdir -p mydir/animals/mammals/{platypus,bat,dog}
mkdir -p mydir/animals/reptiles/{snakes,crocodile,lizard}
mkdir -p mydir/colors/basic/{red,blue,green}
mkdir -p mydir/colors/blended/{yellow,orange,pink}
mkdir -p mydir/shape/{circle,square,cube}

While running these, I am getting the error

mkdir : invalid option -- 'R'

What is wrong here and how can I fix it?

  • Looks quite strange. Can you isolate the actual command causing the error by running each separately? – Byte Commander May 19 '17 at 8:52
  • Are these the exact commands you are running? The only time that error should occur is if you have a letter 'R' after the p – Tim May 19 '17 at 10:07

There are some possibilities.

  1. /usr/bin/mkdir was replaced by another 'mkdir'.
  2. mkdirwas defined as alias.
  3. mkdir was defined as bash function.

Please look it up on bash command line.

type mkdir

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