Hi i am joying ubuntu world recently, i know it since 2014 i always used the live usb or cd, never installed.

Gotta be honest I always being a windows user, but i passed in ubuntu coz windows lately had many bugs and many problems, so i decided to pass definitively to ubuntu.... a part this I have little a problem with it.. I configure it correctly but some programs are not working as i would like.

Those are program used in windows adobe audition and songr, i searched many site for them, but all of them said that it's not possible to use em, I badly need that programs, I do not wanna install windows just for using this two programs, is there a way to let em work?

I tried wine but they don't... It only work with wine winamp and trackor.

Asap thanks for your help


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Before you want to install Window Application to run with Wine, you should check the application at WineHQ. You can download and install Adobe Audition with Wine. But Songr is not support on Wine. You should find alternative app.

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