I have an issue with installing Sc2 (Starcraft 2, a videogame) on PlayOnLinux using the Starcraft-II-Setup.exe which is a file downloaded from Battlenet on internet. There appears a screen which says: "Wine Crash Internal errors, received parameters not valid". I don't know what's the problem about, I have installed PlayOnLinux and Wine from Ubuntu Software Center and then tried to download Sc2 from PlayOnLinux.

I've seen on Youtube people playing Starcraft 2 on Ubuntu so I think that's possible to run it, on Ubuntu..

What should I do?

Ps: My Ubuntu version is 14.04 Plus Remix, 32 bit.

Thanks for reading,



Nevermind, I've managed to run it on Ubuntu, but I'm having crashing problems and I think because I have the 32 bit version but I don't know..

  • do you use PlayonLinux ? – Mirza Jul 16 '17 at 15:48

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