I'm working on 16.04 and trying to setup the Arduino IDE for use with a Genuino 101. I have the IDE installed, v 1.8.2, in my home folder. It compiles sketches and picks up the board serial number as well as other details correctly. According to the Arduino site, one needs to execute

sudo ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule

inside a shell to gain upload permissions.

When I execute this through the terminal I get the error message

sudo: /home/16737547/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule: command not found

Is this command looking for v 1.6.4 of the IDE? I have tried to modify the command to

sudo ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.8.2+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule

but it did not resolve the error message.

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    that error is thrown by sudo when the file does not have execute permission. If the file exists, you may fix the problem by running chmod u+x ~/.arduino/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule and then repeat the command. You must check that the file exists though! For information, run ls -l ~/.arduino/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule – Zanna May 18 '17 at 8:19

To achieve this:

  1. Open a terminal with ctrl+alt+t

  2. Make the file executable with:

    chmod u+x ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule 
  3. Type the command and press enter

    sudo ~/.arduino15/packages/Intel/tools/arduino101load/1.6.4+1.18/scripts/create_dfu_udev_rule

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