I'm using this package called tree to list sub directories and files in a given directory. It works fine except it doesn't list hidden files.

When I run tree in a folder it returns

├── Zodiac (2007)
│   └── Zodiac (2007).mkv
├── Zombieland (2009) H
│   └── Zombieland (2009) H.mkv
└── Zootopia (2016)
    ├── Zootopia (2016).mkv
    └── Zootopia (2016).srt

But it should've returned hidden files named .folder.png in each one of these folders.

Can I make it happen?

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Use tree -a

$ man tree
-a     All files are printed.  By default tree does not print hidden files 
(those beginning with a dot `.').  
In no event does tree print the file system constructs 
`.' (current directory) and `..' (previous directory).

Also gvfs stuff are installed in many systems, you can use them too:

gvfs-tree -h

gvfs-tree has been deprecated in Debian and ubuntu systems use

gio tree -h

  • Auch, interesting. When was it deprecated?
    – Alex
    May 10 at 14:53

Using tree -a can often be too verbose. Add -L to limit depth if you just need a good overview of the top-level directory structure including hidden files.

tree -a -L 2

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