Say that I want to view the contents of an encrypted home directory, I can simply use "sudo ecryptfs-recover-private " and it will mount an unencrypted copy at /tmp. That's all fine and good, but how do I unmount it from /tmp? The /tmp directory gets cleared at every startup I believe, but what if I want to remove the /tmp ecryptfs directory without rebooting? I can't just delete the folder because it's read-only.

Is there some way to unmount the directory, or is restarting the only option?


Even if you had remounted the directory as read-write, you still wouldn't want to delete the directory, or you would be erasing the files in your home directory.

I believe what you're looking for is the either the ecryptfs-umount-private or unmount.ecryptfs_private command. Be sure to read the warning in the synopsis for that second command.

  • This is answer not really helpful, as it does not give any further informations on how to remove the direcoty mounted in /tmp. That @Mixx shouldn't delete /tmp, as it removes the files on the disk too, is not true. sudo ecyptfs-recover-private mounts the disk in readonly mode by default (at least on my system). – benni Apr 27 at 10:54
  • Removal is not the nature of the question. The nature of the question how to unmount. – b_laoshi May 1 at 22:51
  • You are right, my comment was misleading. I can't edit it anymore, but what I should have written is: "This is answer not really helpful, as it does not give any further informations on how to unmount the directory, mounted in /tmp " – benni May 3 at 6:17
  • To specify my request further I created this question: askubuntu.com/q/1138613/461976 – benni May 3 at 6:23

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