I've just made a fresh install of Linux Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 Zesty Zapus on my laptop, but as I am trying to install my first application — opera-stable_45.0.2552.635_amd64.deb — the installer becomes "unresponsive".

When I right-click the .deb package and choose Open with Software Install from the menu, I am taken correctly to GNOME Software where opera-stable is displayed before my eyes. When I click the button Install however, nothing happens. The installer does not freeze or become unresponsive in a sense that I would have to kill it; it's just that nothing happens when I push the Install button.

Another observation I made — possibly irrelevant though — is that when I go to Software & Updates > Other software and try to enable Canonical Partners by ticking the small box in front of it, nothing happens either. Well, all the menus and buttons do turn gray, but clicking any point on the screen turns them "active" again.

Any ideas what this all might be about? Moreover, any ideas for troubleshooting / making things right again?

Thanks for helping a newbie!

NOTE: I am not sure if this is related, but by glancing through the list of installed applications in GNOME Software, I noticed that some applications appear twice in the list. These applications are: GNOME Control Center, Photos, and Software & Updates. Perhaps the apparent double-installation of the last one can somehow interrupt the normal installation process? Just a thought...


opera ubuntu 17

Like this ? :)

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gdebi

right click on the .deb select "Properties" go into the "Open with" tab select gdebi and set as default keep it this way untill ubuntu fixes software center for 17.04 or heck forever. Honestly I've recently discovered this tool and can't believe I've been missing this all my life!


I managed to get Software Install of GNOME Store working by enabling the Pre-released updates (zesty-proposed) from Software & Updates > Developer Options.

As @tatsu suggested above, installing gdebi might be another way to fix the problem, but this method is to answer the specific problem in question.


  • Not too fast. After enabling Pre-released updates (zesty-proposed), I've already filed three (automatic, thank God) bug reports, and the opera-stable installation process always gets stuck to 51%. @tatsu, I think I might go your way :-) – Jayaguru-Shishya May 13 '17 at 17:00
  • yeah I'd though as much ;) – tatsu May 13 '17 at 17:50

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