What is the best way to execute a script after boot/reboot on a specific thin-client in an LTSP enviroment?

I want to run a script after boot to execute ltsp-localapps foo , but only on one client. Normally I would use /etc/rc.local - but in LTSP this would affect all clients using this image.

My best idea, so far, is to use the lts.conf parameter:

           string, default unset
           A crontab line to add for a thin client.

@reboot Run once, at startup.

but as man 5 crontab states

   Please  note  that startup, as far as @reboot is concerned, is the time
   when the cron(8) daemon startup.  In particular, it may be before  some
   system  daemons, or other facilities, were startup.

I just found the answer on irc.ltsp.org, see 14:25 to 14:35.

There is a lts.conf parameter called RCFILE_01...RCFILE_10 which allows to run scripts as a system services on startup:

       string, default unset
       Commands to be executed from /etc/rc.local when the client boots

Quote from the chat's original poster at position 14:35 hours:

...rcfile is in the chroot, and the path is relative ... for example file is in /opt/ltsp/(arch)/etc/rc.local/a_filename and in lts.conf it is RCFILE_01="/etc/rc.local/a_filename"

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