I started taking backup to a local folder using Deja-Dup some months ago. Now, the size of the folder has grown quite large and I want to move it to an external drive.

Can I just copy the ~/deja-dup folder to the external drive?

And then change the storage location in the Backups GUI as follows: enter image description here

After this, is it now possible to delete the local ~/deja-dup folder and start a new backup from the GUI?


Yes, it is possible. The next time you run a backup, you may get a error message stating that the storage device has changed. Just reselect it and proceed.

It would be prudent to try restores and backups before deleting the original.

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    Thanks. I did the following: 1) copied ~/deja-dup to the external drive. 2) moved the local folder to a new name: mv ~/deja-dup ~/deja-dup2, 3) changed storage location in the GUI (as shown above in my question), 4) changed folder name in the GUI to deja-dup, 5) chose "Back Up Now" in the GUI, 5) after backup completed, and I checked it looked ok: rm -rf ~/deja-dup2 – Håkon Hægland May 13 '17 at 9:53

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