I have Ubuntu 16.04 with nvidia GeForce 9800GT. The default driver is nvidia-340 and it works well.

However, the problem begins when I want to install the "nvidia-cuda-toolkit" package to utilize CUDA tools. The installer wants to remove nvidia-340 and to install the newest nvidia-381 driver.

I tried it : the nvidia-381 driver causes shrinked screen borders and infinite login loop. So I rather decided to remove nvidia-cuda-toolkit and returned to stable nvidia-340.

Any help concerning mixing nvidia-381 and ubuntu 16.04+GeForce 9800GT ? Does nvidia-381 support such old graphics cards ?

PS: The libcuda1-340 package provides cuda tools and is consistent with nvidia-340. Fine then.

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    – jfs
    May 13, 2017 at 3:14

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Closing this issue as the nvidia-340 driver is the only one working for GeForce 9800GT. As I checked on their web-page, newer drivers do not support old graphics cards like mine.

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