On Ubuntu 16.04,

I created a folder and moved some executable files in it. Later, when trying to execute those files from terminal, i got a permission denied error. So I checked folder permissions, like this:

cd <path/to/the>
ls -l ./folder

And got -rw-rw-r-- for each executable in the folder.

I did

sudo chmod ugo-x ./folder

(being completely distracted by the environment) and now the folder has the following permissions: d---------. From the system GUI, folder appears with a cross in the right lower corner and with a lock on the right upper corner. I can't access it (This location cannot be displayed), GUI properties tell me its unreadable.

I did try

sudo chmod ugo-rw ./folder

from the same terminal I used to screw it up and from a new terminal as well.

I was able to recover using system GUI, but not via command-line. What am I doing wrong?


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Are you using sudo chmod ugo-rw ./folder to add read and write permissions? The minus sign you are writing means that you want to remove those permissions, if you want to add them use a plus instead: sudo chmod ugo+rw ./folder

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