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I only see tutorials for installing Ubuntu on a Chromebook with crouton, but I want fully working Ubuntu!
Is it possible to Install Ubuntu on a Chromebook without crouton?

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To install a full Linux distribution on your chromebook you have multiple choices. You can use chrx to make a dual boot. Or you can install directly a full version of Ubuntu (best to go for LUbuntu or Xubuntu).

I would recommend to install GalliumOS as it is derived from XUbuntu and it's optimized for chromebooks.

To do this, you should follow GalliumOS installation steps:

  • First, you have to enable developer mode on your chromebook (and remove all data on your disk).
  • Second, you have to update your firmware to be able to boot on a USB key.
  • Third, install your Ubuntu/Gallium, or a dual boot using chrx.

Step one and two are really well documented on GalliumOS's wiki, you will find all your answers here.

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    It's not possible to install "plain" Ubuntu (or any of its official flavours) on a Chromebook because of the different boot process. -1 – David Foerster May 12 '17 at 21:20

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