I'm starting Digital Image Processing with opencv and c++.

What would be the best application for image processing with opencv c++?

Please give me suggestion on that.


I do some research on this. I know that

g++ program.cpp -o program `pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv`

will execute an opencv c++ code. But I want an application that will do like on windows we use visual studio for this.

Thanks In Advance


OK, no one has any interested in this topic, so, I get into Internet past hole day and I've found some-thing that could be useful.

On windows we have Visual Studio where it is very easy to do image processing. But on any Linux system we don't have that. But here CodeBlocks comes in handy.

let's do this with some steps.

Step 1: Install OpenCV whatever version you like.

Step 2: Install CodeBlocks whatever version you like.

Step 3: Open CodeBlocks and create an OpenCV project

*Creating an OpenCV Project*

Step 4: After creating the project go to Project >> Build Options

*Project Build option*

Step 5: On this window,go to compiler settings >> Other options

Here you will see -s on the box. Type this under -s(like picture)

`pkg-config --cflags opencv`

*Setting the compiler*

Step 6: Now go to Linker settings >> Other Linker Options

On the blank box copy these line and click OK

`pkg-config --libs opencv`

*Setting Linker options*

Now Build and Run the project. It should run.

Reference: OpenCV on Code::Blocks , ubuntu 14.04

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