I have Qt 5.7.

I need Qt 5.6.

Can I revert my currently installed version back to 5.6, or can I install 5.6 beside it using apt/the repos? Or will I have use the Qt installer?

This is for compiling software to be run on a remote server which does not yet have 5.7.

  • find the qt 5.7 package, sudo apt remove ..., go find the qt 5.6 deb somewhere, sudo gdebi .... – answerSeeker May 6 '17 at 1:04


Set the downloader as executable, run it, choose a directory, and from QtCreator, goto the options and set the qt version manually.


you can unistall it with Synaptic package manager in Ubuntu and install new version in it in Synaptic you tick Qt or you can use apt-get

sudo apt-get remove yourpackagename

With below command you can remove package but keep configuration file.

sudo apt-get remove package_name

if you want to remove configuration file and remove package use:

sudo apt-get purge package_name

for install use:

sudo apt-get install package_name

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