Please people anyone if can help me. I'm new to ubuntu, I mean have work with it since 11.04 come out. My only problem is battery life. In windows 7 I have balanced power saver and high performance is there anyway i can have these power plans on ubuntu 11.10?

Few weeks ago I saw someone post the same question and when I saw answers I found it but now I can't find it anywhere:( please help me i really wanna stay to ubuntu but I'm most of time travelling and battery life is so important for me.

  • Look at "Related" on the right side of this page to see if your question is there? – Takkat Dec 29 '11 at 10:10

Here is a question about battery life tips:

Tips to extend battery life for laptops and notebooks

And here is an indicator to simply change battery consumption behaviour:


  • yesssssssssssssss exactly jupiter was what i was looking for thank you sir! thank you so much !!! – Pandush Tontonozi Dec 29 '11 at 10:32
  • @PandushTontonozi: If the answer worked for you, please click the checkmark to accept it so the question is marked as answered. – Wolfger Dec 29 '11 at 13:05

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