Clementine's left bar, volume control and the current song's highlighting are all orange, how can I change that?

Clementine has appearance settings in the preferences window, setting the colour theme to custom looks like you dropped some paint on the player. The things I want to change stay the same but the backgrounds take the colour.

Apparently clementine's theme can be changed using qtconfig but it doesn't have colour settings and it is set to orange. Where to go next? clementine


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I think it's not possible to do, I search a little bit and even poked around Clementine's db file but no luck.

What I found is that if you set GTK+ as default GUI theme in qtconfig, Clementine will match it selfs with GTK's widgets style.

I use lxappearance to change my widgets theme. When it's been set on crux I get the left one and after changing it to Greybird I get the right one.

enter image description here enter image description here

So the only way that I found is changing the GTK's widgets style.

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