I'm trying to organize a number of .pdf files from a course into a single book. I've managed to combine them all into a single large .pdf correctly, but now I have that the individual numbering of each .pdf isn't internally consistent. By this, I mean that:

The first .pdf is labeled from 1 - 12 in the bottom (or whatever numbers).

The second .pdf (starting on page 13) page numbers at all.

The third .pdf (starting on page 18) is labeled from 1 - 5 in the center of the bottom.

The label locations are "standard Latex" ones to the best of my knowledge, if that makes it any easier. Is there a way I could go through and relabel this so, when I print out the large .pdf, it'll display from 1 - 300 (or however long it is) sequentially, with the numbers "in consistent places" as well?

Edit: This blogpost goes over adding page numbers, and it works. The issue now is many pages are double numbered (this adds new numbering, but doesn't remove old number). Is there a way to remove numbering from pages?

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