Supervisorctl doesn't seem to let me in:

$ supervisorctl -c /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf
Error: .ini file does not include supervisorctl section
For help, use /usr/bin/supervisorctl -h
$ cat /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf 

I have both specified the config and [supervisord]. Is it possible my config is in the wrong place?

  • No, the notice seems to indicate it wants a "supervisorctl" section. Not "supervisord"?
    – Rinzwind
    Commented May 4, 2017 at 19:01
  • 1
    I've found that if you execute /usr/bin/supervisord from a directory that has a copy of your supervisor.conf or other *.conf that this freaks supervisor out.
    – David
    Commented Oct 19, 2018 at 5:09

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Adding a blank [supervisorctl] section seems to resolve the issue for me:

$ cat /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf 


In the supervisor version 3+, I had to add the following in the conf file to make it work:


supervisor.rpcinterface_factory = supervisor.rpcinterface:make_main_rpcinterface


or you may use unix socket as:



The same error troubled me.

There is an issue in their github https://github.com/Supervisor/supervisor/issues/376

Find out the path matters.

In /etc/supervisor/ path of my server.

/etc/supervisor# ls
conf.d  supervisord.conf

Some change was made in /etc/supervisor/conf.d. I did most change from the issue above, not helping.

Then I inspired by this comment https://github.com/Supervisor/supervisor/issues/376#issuecomment-404385767
After cd .. ie. move to /etc/supervisor/ it works fine.

Hope this can help others.


I had duplicate supervisord.conf files. One empty file "/etc/supervisord.conf" which was being used, and the other one at "/etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf" which I thought was the one being used. I deleted the empty file (/etc/supervisord.conf) and the error was gone.

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